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SCORE Community Strategy Alliance (SCSA)

Is Two Years Old in May 2022


At our last SCSA meeting we noted the successes in achieving SCSA’s mission of supporting sustainable growth and expansion of Black businesses, promoting economic empowerment and elimination of barriers to opportunity, fostering of communications with minority businesses and positively impacting the communities in which we live and work which strengthens the participation and positive impact on the economy.


The progress over the two years comes from the work of the SCSA team, especially Bill Sherry and Linda Zappulla who networked and worked with community leaders and event presenters, Andrew Byas, SCSA cofounder with me, Mary Shannon, a community leader who worked with the community members, was an event presenter and attends SCSA meetings supporting the SCSA work, and Klara Parrish, a banking expert who adds generously and insightfully to the SCSA meeting’s collaborative discussions and efforts. 


I appreciate that the Marketing Committee has supported the events produced by SCSA. I also appreciate the funding support and IT improvements that have happened over the last two years and the recent recognition by SCORE National of the SCSA events in 2021. 


As these efforts and events have enhanced the visibility and recognition of SCORE in the communities, SCORE Kansas City has broadened our service response and SCORE volunteers continue to step up. Thank you to each SCORE Volunteer who so generously gives of your time and expertise as SCORE Kansas City continues to grow!


All the best to each Score Kansas City Volunteer!


Gloria Raymond

SCORE Certified Mentor

SCORE Community Strategic Alliance Co-founder and Leader

SCORE Kansas City Membership and Volunteer Development Chairperson

SCORE Kansas City Business Advisory Board Founding and Present Chairperson

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