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Did You Get a Pay Raise?

Real hourly earnings for nonsupervisory employees in Kansas City and elsewhere in the U.S. were lower than a year ago according to U.S. Department of Labor August 2018 data*.

Some larger companies increased starting pay, distributed a bonus and improved benefits for employees in the retail, banking and hospitality industries according to Part 3 of Dana Wilkie’s series, “Some Companies Boost Starting Salaries, but Getting a Raise Is Hard”, published by the Society for Human Resource Management.

However, income growth that employees need so that they can save, pay off debt, buy a home, care for children or retire is not happening.

Employees are more satisfied when they understand how the company determined what they should be paid. The Human Resources team has important responsibilities in this pay process.

Review of Part 4 of the four part series, “If You Can’t Boost Wages, Try Better Benefits”, is next.

*Assuming no increase in the average workweek


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