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3 Mistakes - Marketing Your Kansas City Business in Winter

Even if you are not a retail company, you'll want to write down these 3 mistakes when marketing your Kansas City Business in Winter so you can avoid them! Although Winter is cold, not marketing could freeze out your customers.

Mistake Number One: Incorrectly Marketing Your Kansas City Business in Winter.

Don't wait! We have all been guilty of it, using the shopping holidays to push a sale. This may not be the best move for you. While many customers are flocking to the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many have already finished their holiday shopping. Start to run those ads in the start of November. My favorite way of advertising around Thanksgiving:

1. Run an ad on Facebook to grab emails.

2. Send something like: "Welcome to the Club" email.

3. Include a small offer in the intro email (many go with 10-20% off an item) and elude to a bigger deal coming their way.

4. Monday before Thanksgiving, send out an email blast with your best deal.

Mistake Number Two: Not Marketing Your Kansas City Business When You Should.

For example, I recently had a client discuss how their main priority was to fix their website and then proceeded to tell me that since Winter is their slow season, they were going to focus on other things. No! NO! Organic takes AT LEAST six months to read, rank, and gain traction. Do the hard, expensive, and time consuming things when your customers are not around so when they circle back around to your brand, they are impressed. I understand that websites are expensive and they are vital to do correctly, especially if you are selling products online.

Mistake Number Three: Marketing Your Kansas City Business to the Wrong Customers.

Take time to figure out who you want your customers to be! If you are providing a service, make sure you charge for you and not the product. If you are selling a product, take time to do your research. If you don't dig deep into your ROI and market, it will show.

While all these mistakes are easy to make, they are also easy to avoid! Curious on what other mistakes you are making marketing your Kansas City business? Give us a call to map out your market. Together, we can push you forward.


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