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At Raymond Business Enterprises, Raymond Business Consulting Kansas City,  we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2008, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

Our team of experts is ready to form, facilitate or join your Advisory Board to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

Planning to Build, Rebuild, Grow, or Change the Organization

Gloria Raymond

Plan and Build a Strong Foundation

The foundation of an organization is its mission and vision statements.
• The vision states the future state of the organization for which the the organization is built. For example the statement “We will be number one in our industry.” Is a mission.statement.
• The statement, “We will build the product that out performs the completion.” Is vision statement that tells the audience the plan to become number one in the industry.

The foundation will have utilities that will support the overall strength and the functioning of the organization stubbed in. Those utilities consist of basic policies, processes, job descriptions, and internet and technology.

• Policies and processes plan the flow of inputs and outflows that are internal and external to the organization.

• The Internet and technology provide the netting for communication of the plan and the communication in general as the organization is built and as it grows.

• Job descriptions provide the source and plan for managing and supplying the energy flow and direction of the work that will provide the services and products produced within the organization.

Plan and Build the Pillars for a Strong Structure

The pillars are built upon the strong foundation and are the functions of the organization.

• The pillar functions may be Financial, Technology, People, Marketing, Production, Distribution or others that suit the mission and vision that form the organization’s foundation.

• Pillars are the junction point for use and distribution of the inputs from the stubbed in policies, processes, job descriptions and internet and technology.

• Pillars are the junction point for functional development and supply of specific communications and management of job duties and responsibilities and management of policies for the specific processes, services and products of those functions.

Plan and Build the Support Beams

The support beams are the organization’s values.

  • Values are necessary to help the Pillars stand straight and true.

  • Without the values support beams the organization suffers strength and can fall in upon itself.


Plan the Walls and Roof to Complete the Organization’s Presence in the Community

The walls and roof provide the image of the organization to everyone and expectations and comfort to the people inside - employees and customers.

• The walls and roof cannot stand without quality planning and building of the vision, mission and values.

• The foundation, pillar and support beam interdependence distributes the communication, management, technology and responsibilities and duties and creates the culture and reputation that attracts or repels employees and customers.

Plan for Inspection Before, During and After Completion of Building / Growing the Organization

Many groups of people are potential inspectors of the organization.
• Employees expecting to share and engage with the organization’s

mission, vision, values, culture and community impact.
• Customers in the physical and virtual communities make decisions

at many points of the organization building So build with transparency, quality, communications and branding that build engagement of the customer.

• Vendors inspecting how the organization does business to determine if a business relationship is in their best interest.

• Competitors inspecting how the organization does business to determine the level and characteristics of the competition.

• Building inspectors and permit grantors appear at expected and unexpected points during the building, occupation, rehabbing, remodeling, expansion of the physical and rebranding or restructuring of the organization. Transparency, quality, communications and branding that build understanding, collaboration and engagement are again needed for successful inspections.

• Government agencies at all levels may inspect or audit all functions (e.g. IRS, OSHA, DOL, EEOC, ICE, ATF, other industry-based auditors and inspectors).

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