What’s Next: Authenticity in Kansas City Leadership and Branding

“Authenticity – the Magic Ingredient of Leadership” was the description of authenticity in a webinar by Professor Paul Ingram of Columbia Business School. As described, authenticity in Kansas City leadership could also have monetary value in businesses because authenticity in leadership requires values that are aligned with behaviors. To achieve authenticity in Kansas City leadership, the business leader must communicate the values, match the values with behavior, and others must observe and perceive the behaviors as a match to the leader’s values. The perception of values matching behaviors is authenticity and becomes known as being trustworthy. Doing business with an authentic, trustworthy leader has value in the Kansas City market place. For evidence of value in doing business with an authentic, trustworthy leader, consider the importance and value of consistency in branding. For help in developing brand authenticity in Kansas City leadership, click here.

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